Breaking your work mindset


Hi Sweet Friends,

After a long day at work, there is nothing I like better than a good exercise session. I like variety so I might workout at the gym, swim some laps, go for a run or enjoy a yoga session. It is so important for me to break the work mindset before I go home. I arrive home, happy from my workout and ready to enjoy the evening.

How do you break the mindset and clear your head?


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  1. I usually take a long walk (7 – 8km) with my boyfriend. We use this time to brainstorm for various projects, talk about our day, plan what to do over the weekend. It helps both of us to put the work day behind us and heal whatever wounds the day brought, so we’re happy and peaceful when we get home.

    • That sounds wonderful Irina, it’s so important to get out in nature. Keep enjoying it!

      Nikki x

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