Change Boot Camp


Are you facing a change in your life? Are you feeling stuck?

I have recently transitioned to a new life chapter after 21 years in the military. I know what it is like to be anxious when facing a life change. It can be hard. We can associate our current role as our identity. Especially in the military. Once we move on and that is in the past, it can leave a void.

It’s easy to get stuck in over thinking and inaction. You have two choices. Fix where you are or take action and move on.

I can help you explore the next step, whether it is a career change or just redesigning your current situation. Let’s look at your options and design an action plan to get you through the change curve and thriving in your new life phase.

I want to show you how to successfully transition. You are not your job. You are so much more that that. Let’s take your skills and experience and design your new life.

I specialise in Change Management with over 10 years experience and have helped many people work through change to more fulfilled lives.

I have 5 introductory sessions available per week. Each session is 45 mins, we discover if coaching is for you and if we are a match to work together.

If you decide to take the next step, my tailored coaching sessions include:

Creating a winning mindset
Navigating the change curve
Breaking through negative beliefs
Setting goals to achieve your best life
Step by step action plans to achieve success

Sessions may be held in person, over the telephone or skype. Session numbers depend on you.

Don’t waste another minute. Life is short, make sure your hard work is taking you in the direction of your dreams.


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