Confidence Through Change

Happy Sunday! It is a cold and rainy winters morning here and I am writing this in a café with a pot of tea. Who else is hibernating through winter?

I want to talk about something that I am seeing more and more of in my coaching work and that is making the change out of the life we have created or in many cases fallen into. Lately I have been working with many people who are going through huge life changes. One story I will share is a lady who started at her role straight out of high school and now many years later faces redundancy due to a company merger. She was definitely in the denial stage of change and it was only during our sessions that she faced the situation. She cried in 5 out of the 6 sessions. Change was overwhelming and terrifying.

Change doesn’t have to be a huge life changing event like some people I work with. You can introduce new things slowly and at your comfort level. This is a reminder to slow down, think about the future and make changes as you like. I found a new role for the lady which was perfect for her and she is happily into this new chapter.

Unsure where to start? Try these three things I use with my clients:

1. Get quiet – find a place where you can slow down, relax and listen to your soul. When we are busy our minds override this voice. Remember your brain offers practical solutions often trying to protect you and is guided by the lens we are looking at life through. Your past experiences colour your lens and you may have limiting thought patterns without knowing it. Your soul doesn’t have this and is pure.

2. Try new things – break out of any rut you have and have fun. You never know where the new life stage will come from.

3. Set achievable goals – Visualise the outcome and really feel the success. Imagine sinking into the aircraft seat on the way to your dream holiday. The hard work of saving is over and you are on your way. What are you seeing, smelling, feeling? Embrace the anticipation. Champagne please!

Review your goals weekly and have them where you can see them. I have mine on my vision and goal board at home. I see them each morning and they keep me motivated and my eyes on the prize.

Be kind to yourself. You are doing amazingly well. In my grandparents day they had no electricity and had to travel to town in a horse and buggy…life was much much slower. We are now surrounded by so many things that make our life easier but they come with their own pressures, stress and expectations which we treat as normal life.

Slow down and take time for yourself. Anxiety and mental health issues are growing and people and industry are embracing new ways such as meditation, yoga and clean eating.

Don’t fear change, fear waking up one day and realising how much time you wasted.

Enjoy your day,

Nikki xo

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