Your Mid Year Review

Every six months I conduct a complete review of how I am tracking on achieving my goals and creating the life I want. I understand not everyone is in a position to work with me so I am going to share with you the system I use with my private clients for you to work through.

1. Conduct an honest assessment of all areas of your life

2. Assess the gap between where you currently are and what you want to achieve

3. Set achievable goals and create a system to achieve them

4. Recognise and clear your negative thoughts and create a positive mindset

5. Understand your motivators and GO FOR IT!

6. Establish a review system

7. Recognise and reward achievements

Here is the first step your assessment

My Mid Year Review Success Coach

I am going to run a online session to help you analyse the gap and set achievable goals in two weeks time on Saturday 23rd June which gives you two weekends to work through the worksheet.

I would love to have you attend and really set a new intention for the second half of the year.

Enjoy your long weekend

Nikki xo

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