Having a quiet mind through change

Happy weekend everyone,

One of the keys to relaxing and recharging is to have a quiet mind. This can be hard especially if you are going through change.

My top three tips are:

1. Have a change plan to work through, something practical. If you don’t have one, find somewhere like the seats here at the beach and work your way through it.

2. Once you have your plan, have it visual ie. written in your diary to see when you open it each morning, on a vision board, on your fridge.

3. Actively kick worry out of your head if those thoughts pop in. You have your plan, your mind can relax now. You can choose your thoughts, they don’t have to hold you hostage, don’t be a victim to whatever movie is on in your head. Neuroplasticity shows us that our brain changes. The more you think about something, the stronger the pathway in your brain and the harder it is to break the habit. The path becomes stronger and smoother and it’s easier to shoot down that path. Starve it by thinking a different way and reprogramme your thinking. Active thinking. You can do it!

My wish for you this weekend is that it is peaceful and full of love.

If you’d like any further info on these tactics to kick worry to the kerb, message me. Or if you are going through a change, sign up for my Working Through Change sessions. They really make a difference.
Enjoy your fab weekend!

Nikki x

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