Relax and recharge


Good morning to you from beautiful Byron Bay,

I can’t quite believe it myself but yes I am on kind of a holiday. Well I came here for the Business Chicks conference and have stayed on for a few days to relax. The conference was just amazing with inspiring speakers sharing their stories about starting businesses, managing the tough times and the different routes they took for success both in business and personally. Something magical happens when someone shares deeply personal stories you relate to.

I met some amazing people who were attending the conference as well and what shone through is that we are all human and going on the same journey. Everyone has something they are dealing with. It doesn’t matter how shiny and perfect their life looks, often it’s our perceptions and judgements assuming that. It’s not what you are going through, it’s how you react that determines if or how long you suffer. That doesn’t mean that you will be happy and rosy all the time, no one is like that. We all have awful days and things that get us down. The key is having the right mindset to know that things pass, you will keep moving, intensity levels change.

Surround yourself with the right people, manage your thoughts ( many people get weighed down with negative thoughts ) and keep focussed on the future.

You know one of my daily habits is getting out in nature, taking that mindset break. I thoroughly encourage you to do it as well. It refreshes you mentally and gives you that space you need to recharge.
I believe in it so much I have decided to incorporate it into my coaching sessions. I’m starting weekend retreats in Newcastle. These will be individually focussed depending on your needs but all will involve beach time and personal development sessions. The response has been fantastic, so many of you need that beach break! If you would like further information please contact me.

Enjoy your day and recharge this weekend.

Nikki x

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