Sunday evening


Hi Everyone,

I just love weekends, especially sunny autumn ones. Are you relaxed and recharged for the working week?

What do you struggle with on a Sunday evening? Are you unmotivated? Dreading starting work tomorrow? Unclear about your goals?

Sunday evening is when it all gets real and many of my clients find this is the most difficult time of the week. They are busy all week with responsibilities, slide into the weekend and then Sunday comes around and the working week is looming, there is no extra time or escape.

These five tips will help you kick your Sunday dread to the kerb. Remember you are one week closer to your goals.

1. Know your path and chase it with a laser focus.
2. Each day find three things that you are grateful for
3. Have a positive mindset
4. Keep a strategic view, don’t let small things worry you.
5. Don’t dwell on things that have happened, so many of us are guilty of overthinking. Keep your eyes on the prize.

You will determine what kind of week you will have. Make it a great one.

Nikki x

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