Tap Into Your Bliss

How often do you feel like this? Is this feeling part of your day, week, month or even year?

I often work with people who are so busy with the lives they have created that they have lost their joy, their spark and contentment. They are on the hamster wheel of daily life. They are too busy, guilty or afraid to create time for themselves. There is a lot of time to think in silence and sometimes that can be confronting.

The thing is you don’t need to make a huge life changing decision all at once. Although many of my clients do just that with great success. Often they just need the support, space and confidence to slow down, give themselves permission to take time for themselves and find their way.

You can start slowly, an hour here, a weekend there, just start! Don’t feel guilty for doing something for yourself, you are doing yourself and everyone in your life a favour by finding your way. A happy and content soul is wonderful to be around. And if not now, when? Picture yourself at your retirement party. Are you in the career you want to spend your precious time in? We are all here on earth for a reason, not just to exist. What is your purpose here?

How do I start is a question I get asked regularly. And it’s about time. Start by allocating an hour in your diary each week. Go for the surf, read that book, start the hobby, google that holiday, sit in a café with your laptop or pen and notebook and just be. Stop the busyness and get bored! Allow your soul to speak with you actually listening.

I will be running a half hour session on this topic on Wednesday evening at 7pm. I’d love you to grab a cuppa or glass of wine and join me. Link posted shortly.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon

Nikki xo

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