Work hard and play hard


Happy Sunday guys,

Do you fit enough of the things you love into your day?

Passion and excitement are the jet fuel of life. Doing something you love feels amazing doesn’t it?

No matter how busy your schedule is, how impossible you think it is to squeeze another thing in, it is so important for your wellbeing and health.

Think back to when you were in that zone, when you felt joy and happiness. Really feel those emotions. Energising isn’t it.

Now get a pen and paper and down the left hand side write ‘I love’ 10 times down the page. Lastly write ‘Which three of these would make me the happiest incorporated in my life?’

Get somewhere quiet where you can think and write as many ‘I love’ statements as you like. Really think about each one and the feelings associated with it. Which one’s give you the biggest high?

There is no pressure, your feelings will guide the way, just ask the question and see how your soul and body react.

Balancing your work and life can be hard. Too often work squeezes out personal time and life becomes a treadmill of commitments.

Make sure you are playing as hard as you work.

You deserve it!

Nikki x

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