Working with Nicole


Is your hard work taking you towards your goals?

My clients find me for various reasons – working together to find strategies to manage the busyness of their lives, assistance with developing and achieving their goals, working through change in both work and personal life and understanding themselves through personal development. I provide the space, time and support for you to pursue your dreams and reach your full potential.

Our sessions are tailored specifically to reflect your individual needs and my toolkit includes:

– Working through change
– Improving self confidence
– Creating a positive mindset and breaking bad habits using Neuro Linguistic Programming
– Managing stress and anxiety
– Understanding your personality type
– Finally achieving your dream in either work or personal life

How we can work together:

Individual Sessions – I typically work with clients fortnightly or monthly over a three – six month period. Sessions can be held in person, via Skype or telephone.

Group Sessions – held monthly and will be advertised in my blogs, or as requested by you if you have your own group you’d like me to work with.

Plan your own adventure – the tools and strategies in my toolkit can be used anywhere. The sky is the limit and our sessions can be held:

– in a 5 star hotel while you have a recharge weekend away from your responsibilities
– during a weekend of adventure activities
– in a house on the beach while you learn to surf or just collect seashells

We are only restricted by our imagination. I like to think outside the square.

Contact me to discuss what you would like to achieve.

I will make a difference in your life. Our sessions are private but people will notice your results. Take this time for yourself, you deserve it.